President’s message

Dr. Ahmed Kahatab

Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, the ISDH have envisaged equal access to oral healthcare for all, irrespective of disability or disadvantage. Led by many strong presidents, I partook in our committee’s collective accomplishments and efforts towards achieving good oral health for people with disadvantages and disabilities. It is with pride and honour that I follow in the footsteps of leaders helping to realise our vision by taking the necessary leaps in my term as president of the ISDH.

Early in my career, I whitnessed some of the barriers to oral healthcare that vulnerable groups encounter. With the help of our passionate and proactive committee we aim to tackle many of these through advocacy, community and education. We will liase with key stakeholders, establishing communication networks and contributing to relevant policy developments. We hope to expand and engage with a diverse ISDH community, providing accessible and informative resources. Finally, it is our objective to deliver a diverse series of hybrid learning experiences through webinars and our annual summer conference.

I encourage you to play you part towards our ambitious mission by joining our society.

Equal access,

oral health for all 

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