Doctor, I think I am going to throw up! – a practical look at how to deal with retching patients

Top 6 Methods for Managing Gagging Patients - Spear Education

Thursday 23rd February 8:00pm

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Retching/Gagging is a common oral health related hinderance which many of us have experienced in our practice. It may interrupt dental procedures, and, if severe or frequent, may even postpone dental care. Techniques and modifications can be made in our oral care plan to minimise the incidence of retching. Dr. Neil Martin will discuss the physiology behind retching and management techniques to better care for those patients.

Neil Martin has spent 40 years in Dentistry, 10 in Practice and 30 in special care. He is currently Specialist in Special Care Dentistry in Northampton England and sits on the ISDH committee. His main interests in the profession are local anaesthesia and sedation, and also the coaching and mentoring of junior colleagues. Currently Neil has Educational Supervisor duties for Special Care Registrars and Special Care Dental Core trainees.

Aim: To have a practical look at retching and how to deal with it.


To look at the anatomy and physiology involved.
To investigate the triggering factors.
To suggest some treatment strategies

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