Thursday 21st September 8:00pm

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A warm welcome to our members to a new year of education, community and advocacy in the ISDH. Our first of a series of webinars is titled: Tips for Endodontics in Special Care Dentistry presented by Drs. Shazia Kaka and Marie-Sophie Bogner

Aims and objectives:

  • To understand how to effectively assess teeth for successful endodontic therapy
  • To revise the basic stages of root canal treatment
  • To acknowledge potential challenges when doing endodontics in special acre patients and describe techniques to overcome them
  • To increase awareness about vital pulp therapy, including pulpotomy

Shazia graduated from Kings’ College London in 2007, completed a masters in Special Care Dentistry (SCD) with Kings College London in 2017 and was successful in gaining entry onto the SCD specialist list in 2018. She currently works as a consultant in the department of Sedation and Special Care Dentistry at Guys Hospital. Her sub-specialist interests lie in the management of medically complex patients, particularly those with severe cardiac pathologies, and oncological conditions. Due to the potential risks associated with extraction in these patients, she identified a need for a special care clinician with a specialist interest in endodontics and is undertaking a clinical masters in endodontics.



Marie-Sophie Bogner did her training in Special Care Dentistry in Clermont-Ferrand, France, during which her awareness of masticatory function started. She completed two Postgraduate Diplomas: in Functional rehabilitation under sedation and general anaesthesia, and in Implantology. She is now Specialty Dentist in the departement of sedation and special care dentistry, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, London. She believes that nothing replaces a tooth like the tooth itself. She does routinely root canal and pulpotomy treatments under sedation.


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